U.S. EB3
Countless successful cases
Employer Sponsored Green Card / No Detection English / No Experience Requirements
United States of America
Canada AIPP
Take it in one step
Maple Leaf Card!
Low language requirements for academic qualifications|No scoring required, no LMIA required
U.S. EB5
Projects in the past 10 years
100% return on investment
No work or business background restrictions | No education restrictions
United States of America
Australia 188 VISA
Professional lawyers
Help you successfully emigrate
No academic qualifications | No criminal record | Fast approval

The Most Popular Immigration Countries

Skilled Visa
Express Entry
Australian Investment
Immigration 188 VISAS
  • • No academic qualifications required
  • • No criminal record
  • • Fast approval speed
Canadian Start-up Visa Program
  • • Suitable for entrepreneurs
  • • No provincial nomination required
  • • No business or management experience requirements
Taiwan Investor Programme
U.S. EB-3 Unskilled Workers Green Card Visa
  • • Employer Sponsored Green Card
  • • A baccalaureate degree or equivalent
  • • No Experience Required
General Skilled Migration 189、190、489 Visa
  • • One step in place to get Visa
  • • No need to invest in business.
  • • Work and study in Australia
Immigrate to BCPNP as a Semi-skilled Worker
  • • Under 45 years old
  • • Fast way to landing in Canada
  • • Easy to get job offer
Hong Kong Top Talent Pass Scheme
Hong Kong General Employment Policy (GEP)
Portugal Golden Residence Permit Programme
Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme (QIIP)
  • • 無年齡、語言及學歷限制
  • • 審核通過才需要投資
  • • 投資政府基金,安全受保障
Turkey Citizenship by Investor Program
EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program
  • • No criminal background
  • • No related work experience
  • • No education qualification
Irish Immigrant Investor Programme
  • • €1 million investment
  • • Fast approval within 4~6 month
  • • Residency only 1 day per year
Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program
  • • Base level of language requires
  • • No Test points,No need LMIA
  • • Easy to get job offer
Permanent residence pathways for Hong Kong residents
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