Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme (QIIP)

Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme (QIIP)

From 2017 there is no investment immigration programme at the federal level in Canada. There are options at the provincial level. The most popular of these is the Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme (QIIP) largely because the QIIP is the only provincial program allowing for passive investment.

Applicants must have acquired a $2.0 million Canadian dollar net worth, agree to invest $1,200,000 Canadian dollars for 5 years, show intention to reside in Quebec and have a minimum of two years’ management in a company during the last five years and have had a minimum of two full-time employees.

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme will accept an annual 1900 applicants. No more than 1330 applicants will be accepted from any single country. Completing an application is a lengthy process and only completed applications will be considered.

Most investors elect another route to meeting the QIIP requirements, known as “walkaway financing.” Instead of investing the full CAD$800,000, investors may obtain financing from a Financial Intermediary where they will receive no return at all. Instead, they pay a substantially lower amount. Under current market terms, most investors can receive “walkaway financing” with an approximate CAD$350,000 investment.

After obtaining approval by the provincial immigration body, the investors are eligible to apply for  immigration (a Residency Permit) through the Federal system.

Applicants interested in the Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme should contact JR Marriott for further advice and apply as soon as possible for consideration in this year’s quota.

Invest in government funds and be safe
No age, language or educational qualifications

Application Process


1. Secure a quota with the help of JR Marriott

2. Prepare the application form and essential supporting documents.

Montreal Office

Submission of the file to the Montreal office of the Ministere de l’Immigration

Quebec Immigration Office

1. File processing by the Government;

2. After the analysis by the Quebec Immigration Office

Immigration Interview

1. An immediate decision regarding the application.

2. Request for specific additional documents

3. Immigration interview

Canada PR

1. Once the file is accepted, pay CAD 350,000 to the financial intermediary.

2. Receive the Quebec Selection Certificate;

3. Apply for Canadian permanent residency

Immigration Form