MPRP is a Residency by Investment Programme that provides beneficiaries with an opportunity to stay or settle indefinitely in Malta or its sister island Gozo. The Programme was launched in 2015 and is regulated through various legal notices thus making it a very safe and secure investment.  Since its launch, thousands of investors from all over the world have applied and secured a residency card. The Programme is managed by the Residency Malta Agency the Governmental entity that processes the applications and subsequently decides whether to approve or not an applicant. MPRP applications have to be submitted through approved local agents. With a significant amount of submitted and approved applications, MPRP is leading Programme at JR Marriott.

Tax advantages-offshore tax haven:

  • 1. Sign “Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements” with 76 countries and regions
  • 2. The minimum tax rate of the corporate tax rebate system is 5%~0%
  • 3. Non-global taxation countries, the lowest corporate profits tax in Europe
  • 4. No inheritance tax, gift tax, real estate tax, net wealth tax, etc.

The best choice for immigration to Malta:

  • 1. The only four in the world: Union Europe + Commonwealth + Schengen area + Euro area.
  • 2. Ultra-low near-zero crime rate, no refugee crisis, one of the safest countries in Europe.
  • 3. The only English-speaking country in the EU and a European English training base.
  • 4. Economic development is stable, and the unemployment rate is at the EU’s ultra-low standard of 3.8%.
Four generations of family immigrants
Invest after approval and no language requirements.

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