Hong Kong Educational Migration

Hong Kong Study Abroad and Immigration Program

As a world financial center, Hong Kong implements a low tax policy, no capital gains tax, no sales tax, free capital in and out, and freely convertible foreign exchange. As for education, the government provides 12 years of free education, and Hong Kong’s university level is a world-renowned Top 100. Hong Kong Medical has a complete medical system and top medical standards, attracting talents from all over the world.


For eligibility for a student visa, applicant can apply for a student VISA at two points:
1. The applicant holds a letter of acceptance from the school certifying that he has received a rate to take the course.
2. Applicants are not required to be able to afford their tuition, living expenses and accommodation through work or public expenses.

Program Features:

1. The University of Hong Kong studies immigration, that is, arrangements for non-local graduates to stay/return to Hong Kong for employment.

2. An immigration policy formulated by the Hong Kong government to encourage overseas students to study in Hong Kong and intend to stay in Hong Kong for work and life.

3. The applicant obtains a study visa by enrolling in a full-time university in Hong Kong, and will be employed by a Hong Kong company within the next 7 years.

4. After 7 years, applicants and their family members can also obtain Hong Kong ID cards and SAR passports.

One person attended school and the whole family obtained a HKSAR passport
Short time, No risk, Low cost (compared to investment immigration)

Application Process


1. Consultant assessment and payment of service fees

2. Application and preparation to submit documents

School Interview

1. Submit application for admission

2. Prepare for school interview

Immigration Department

1. Get accepted by the school

2. Prepare to go to Hong Kong for admission


Submit the dependent’s application information to the Immigration Department and process the Hong Kong Identity Card

HKSAR Passport

1. Assist in applying for IANG visa after graduation

2. After seven years of working in Hong Kong, the family obtained a Hong Kong Passport HKSAR.

Project Description

Bachelor Program
  • The minimum requirement is 250 points or more in the college entrance examination and 60 points in English
  • Coming to Hong Kong to study for a 4-year undergraduate course
  • Get Hong Kong status after admission
  • You can stay and work in Hong Kong after graduation

Application conditions:

Associate Degree/Advanced Diploma Program

1. No college entrance examination score required

2. Arrange to apply for a 2-year associate degree course and then advance to a 2-year undergraduate course

3. Junior high school degree or above is required

4. Get Hong Kong status after admission

5. You can stay and work in Hong Kong after completing the undergraduate course


Immigration Form