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Company Profile

Marriott Immigration Consultants Co., Ltd. (referred as “Marriott”) is an immigration company established under the laws of Hong Kong. It has been awarded the Hong Kong Most Valuable Immigration Consultant Award and is approved by the Australian Government Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) and the New Zealand Government's Immigration Consultants Administration (NZIAA) Office permits immigration services. The Marriott’s team has assembled elites in immigration and education. They are familiar with immigration laws and provide immigration consulting and services under the leadership of experienced registered immigration consultants. At the same time, Marriott will also work closely with partners such as overseas joint-venture certified public accountants, business consultants, financial planners, foreign universities, real estate agents, etc., to provide customers with one-stop immigration support services to meet different needs.

Business Category

Marriott's business scope is quite extensive, including skilled immigration, investment immigration, business immigration, professional immigration, family reunion. The countries and regions involved include but are not limited to Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taiwan and European Union countries such as Spain, Cyprus, Portugal, etc. In addition to immigration projects, Marriott will also provide a platform for those interested in overseas investment, so that they can learn more about overseas investment projects (such as real estate, schools), and help you achieve wealth appreciation. We will also handle various types of temporary visas, including student visas, work visas and tourist visas, to meet the needs of individuals and business organizations.


The South Kowloon Lions Club and St. James’ Settlement held the "Funeral Assistance Fund" launch ceremony. Marriott Immigration Consultants Ltd. held the obligation to give back to the society. The company’s Managing Director Qiu Hou Ming, as the President of the South Kowloon Lions Club and launched the "Funeral Assistance Fund" People hope to support the helpless elderly through continuous fundraising, so that they can rely on their future affairs.

Commitment and Purpose

With sincere attitude, Marriott provides every guest with comprehensive, high-quality and one-stop service, and implements the principle of "law-based and customer-oriented" to realize the dream of immigration for every entrusted customer.

Relations between Countries

JR Marriott Managing Director, Mr Yau Hou Ming met with Mr Peyami Kalyoncu, Consul General of Turkey - Hong Kong SAR and Macao SAR at Ministry Affairs, Turkey. Ministry of Foreign Affairs , Turkey. - Photo.

Relations between Countries

JR Marriott Managing Director, Mr Yau Hou Ming met up with, Mr Jeff Comerchero, the Governor of California and the President of The Rancon Group, California, USA, at JR Marriott's Hong Kong office - Photo.

Relations between Countries

JR Marriott Managing Director, Mr Yau Hou Ming met up with New South Wales, Australia Investment and Immigration experts, Ms Dominca Nelson. Immigration Solutions Lawyer, Sydney, Australia and Ms Suzanne Gilliam, owner of American Investigation Services, LLC, California, Virginia, USA - Photo.

Relations between Countries

JR Marriott Investment Director, Ms Shirley Kuo met up with Mr John Joseph Aquilina, General Consul of Republic of Malta of the People Republic of China region- Photo.

Relations between Countries

JR Marriott Managing Director, Mr Yau Hou Ming went to Bulgaria in person to meet up with the Immigration Consulate for discussion of investigation and Immigration - Photo.

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