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1.The profile

It is the policy of the Company in collecting any client personal data or information by fully complying with the requirements of the Personal Data (privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486) (the “Ordinance”). The regulation regulates the collection and reading of personal information in Hong Kong. Personal information means information about any relevant individual used to identify an individual. When processing personal information, we will ensure that our employees comply with the most stringent standards for safety and confidentiality provisions in the Regulations.

2. Commitment to Privacy

The Company undertakes to comply with the Personal Data (Privacy) Regulations and it will be used for the following purposes:
1. Collects the customer profile for the necessary to provide relevant services and products.
2. The profile is used only for specified purposes and shall not be used for other purposes unless agreed by the customer.
3. It will not disclose personal information to any third party unless (i) agreed by the Client or (ii) as by law (but the Company will only comply with the requirements of the appropriate body).
4. It takes any viable procedures to ensure that the customer profile is safe, confidential, and correct. This information will not be retained if not needed.
5. It has only authorized personnel to read or handle the customer’s profile.
6. The customers have the right to read or correct their profile.

3. Type of profile held by the Marriott

3.1 Marriott’s personal information regarding the execution of the business process includes, but is not limited to, the following:

1.Your Honor has a registered name
2. contact information, including the phone number and the email mailbox;
3. Any other information obtained by Marriott in the course of its daily business ;
4. Any information within the public domain.

3.2 Marriott’s work-related profile may include the following items:

1. Names and address, contact information, date of birth and nationality, and their identification certificate, and / or passport number and place and date of issuance;
2. Additional information used by in the recruitment process to assess the work suitability of potential employees, and may include reference information to its current or previous employer or other sources;
3. Additional information about employees, which may include compensation and allowance records paid to employees, job positions, transfer and training records, records of medical examinations, leave, attendance, emergency contacts and other medical claims and performance review reports;
4. Marriott may request access to relevant personal information of prior employees to fulfill their obligations to former employees and their statutory obligations to them by specific decrees; and
5. Information within the public domain.

3.3 Marriott can collect personal information via Cookies. Cookies is a website automatically stored in the Reader computer web browser.

A small amount of information is available for the site to return to the page. Marriott can see Cookies collecting OS information on server locations, browsers, and users. Customers can change their browser settings and stop the Cookies functionality. However, this change may affect the site display or may not display.

3.4 Marriott records all visitors to the site. This record displays only the server address, browser, and OS information, and information about the pages visited. Marriott collects aggregate

information about the number and type of visitors based on its server address, browser, and OS information. Marriott uses this information to prepare general statistics on the frequency of website reading. Marriott has the right to disclose any or all of its personal information.

4. The purpose of preserving the profile

4.1 The purpose of reading the client profile is as follows:

1. Handles your application for the service;
2. Daily business operations;
3. Marriott sells your services and products to you;
4. Handles any payment instructions relating to the customer’s products and services; and
5. Analyzes, verify, execute contract rights and / or for supplying goods and services to the customer, check your payments.

4.2 Refer to personnel-related personal data as follows:

1. Handles work applications;
2. Decides and reviews salaries, dividends, and other allowances;
3. Considers promotion, training, or transfer;
4. Provide employee recommendations;
5. Supervises compliance with Marriott’s internal rules;
6. For any other purpose directly or indirectly related to Marriott’s compliance with any work or statutory obligations; and
7. Complies with any legislation binding on Marriott, or its management or any guidelines published by other authorities, complying with its disclosure requirements.

5. Security of the profile

Marriott ensures that sensitive personal data is properly protected from unauthorized or accidental reading, processing, deletion or other use, and from the occurrence of any of the above events. Taking appropriate physical, electronic and management means to protect and ensure customer profile security is the practical standard for Marriott to provide security protection. Marriott uses a secure encryption system for collecting its profiles.

6.Accuracy of the profile

Marriott uses approved regulations and guidelines to ensure the accuracy of all personal information. Conduct appropriate procedures to ensure that all personal data is regularly checked and updated to ensure the accuracy of reading the information. In some cases, Marriott will review the original document, such as a personal ID and / or address certificate, before reading the profile.

7. Saves your profile

Personal data is saved only until or related to its collection. After service, Marriott will continue to retain the customer’s profile for 7 years or the years stipulated by relevant laws and laws. (Within or outside Hong Kong), the reader must contract or otherwise prevent any personal data transferred to the data processor from being retained longer than required for data processing.

8. Reference and Correction of Personal Data According to the terms of the Ordinance, any information party shall be entitled to:

1. Checks whether Marriott holds its personal information and has the right to read the relevant information;
2. Asked Marriott to make corrections to its inaccurate profile;
Check Marriott’s policies and practices on information and the category Marriott holds its profile.
Under the ordinance, Marriott is entitled to a reasonable fee for the handling of any information reading.

9. Marriott Personal Information (Privacy) Ordinance contact information

If there is any doubt or requirement about Marriott’s compliance with its obligations, it may be raised in writing with the contact information as follows:
JR Marriott Migration Consultancy Ltd.
Address: Unit F, 10/F, CNT Tower, No.338 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Tel: 2194 4818 | Website:

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